Members of the Worldwide Prayer Circle pray daily for the spiritual upliftment of humanity and the health of the planet. The power of prayer is substantial and when combined with the power of many it becomes tremendous. Through prayer a difference can be made in the amount of suffering being experienced by mankind and can hasten the time when peace, love and harmony will reign on earth.

To this end Paramahansa Yogananda organized the Worldwide Prayer Circle and the organization he founded, the Self Realization Fellowship, has made available a booklet that will give more information about the Worldwide Prayer Circle and explain methods that will make our prayer more effective. For those who feel their responsibility to give assistance to humanity and our earth in this way and would like to obtain the information in this booklet call or write the Self Realization Fellowship

3880 San Rafael Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90065
or call (213) 225-2471. 

A Prayer for Healing and Peace

Oh Great Spirit! energize our Earth Mother  so she can create a more healthy environment  for all the being she nourishes.  


And uplift the consciousness of humanity so we can experience your Divine Love, Infinite Wisdom, Joy and Bliss and live in Peace and Harmony with each other and our Earth Mother.