The activities presented by the Shaolin Temple are designed to promote positive change for the practitioner. Living and life presuppose change. Change in everything is inevitable; including change in ourselves. It is impossible to stay the same, either we change for the better or for the worse. Without direction, the situations and circumstances of life will change us slowly by trial and error and with considerable anguish. This path is for those who decide they want to take efficient control of change; for the better. 

The primary purpose of these activities is holistic personal growth, to increase the quality of one's life. A healthy body and mind assist in the development of spiritual awareness (experiencing Spirit in all its aspects i.e. Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, and Truth). This path is for those who recognize that life is a classroom where we are presented with lesson after lesson until we have learned each one in the process of self-discovery. Efficient progress in the development of this experience demands active pursuit. Outstanding secondary benefits include: harmonious circumstances, higher energy levels, health, heightened awareness, developed mental abilities, and in some cases self-defense abilities.

Always look for the lesson in each situation.

Positive change requires understanding and knowledge. Basically, there are two sources of knowledge: 1) sources outside yourself (what you are told, what you read) 2) self-discovery, what you experience (intellect, inference, intuition). Since what people say and write is prone to error (misjudgment or intentional deception) the only totally reliable source of understanding is our own self. Even then, trusting our own judgment requires much self-examination and self-training due to all the erroneous thought processes and behaviors we learn and accept as valid in our formative years. A sincere effort will lead one on this path of self-discovery. 

Self-examination is the foundation of self-discovery. All thoughts must be examined. Predominant thoughts and biases must be identified. All thoughts must be evaluated for appropriateness and self-directed change must occur when called for. All previous beliefs are to be re-examined for validity and re-examined again as more information is received. This process is repeated until the Truth is perceived. Within the classic Shaolin Tradition "Answers are not given". Principles are presented for self-analysis, testing, and experimentation. Since this method is scientific, the Temple and the world become a laboratory. Nothing is to be accepted as truth until it is totally self-tested; until the truth is experienced. Self-discovery will bring spiritual awareness into our lives and is the first step to bringing peace and harmony to humanity.

These are mental abilities required for reliable self-discovery to occur. The development of these abilities requires self-directed effort.

intuition      self-confidence    will     sincerity
discrimination      memory    integrity    concentration
objectivity      discipline     perseverance    courage

Activity 1


The concentration used to knowing God

Activity 2

Chi Kung

The science of life energy accumulation and transportation; used to develop health, vitality and spiritual awareness

Activity 3

Kung fu

A method of chi kung that uses martial arts as the medium

Activity 4

Tai Chi Chuan-Chi Kung

Another method of chi kung that uses martial arts as a medium

Activity 5


The method of chi kung from India that chi kung evolved from

Activity 6

Monk and Clergy Training 


Group Retreat

Group retreats are typically once per year and open to any student enrolled in classes at Shaolin. They usually will take place between June and August. There may be times when more than 1 retreat is scheduled. The retreats take place in northern Michigan on the Au Sable River. The intent of the retreat is to offer students a place to relax and have fun without any specific agenda. There is time set aside to train.

Blackbelt Retreat

The Blackbelt Retreat is open only to those students who are enrolled in the Blackbelt class.

Monk Retreat

The Monk Retreat is only open to those students who are enrolled in the Monk program. 


  • Advanced Forms: Wu Tai Hsing (The Form of the Five Elements)
  • Wu Hsing Chuan (The Form of the Five Animals)
  • Wu Shi Si Tao ( The Way of the 54 Methods)
  • San Zan (The 18 Hand of the Lohan, San Chin)
  • Muscle and Tendon Changing Techniques of Da Mo
  • Marrow and Brain Washing Techniques of Da Mo
  • (Monk initiation is a prerequisite for this seminar)



  • Inipi Purification Ceremony
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Baptism Ceremony


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