The Goals of the Shaolin Tradition are perpetuated through compassion for all life. 

Some of the foundational teachings of this tradition are: that at the core of our beings we are Spirit.
That suffering is rooted in the ignorance of the awareness that we are Spirit.
That movement and meditation can be used to eliminate stress and end personal suffering by bringing a direct experience and awareness of Spirit.
That this self-realization will fill the experience of our existence with an awareness of Spirit and all its aspects; as we exist in Spirit,
and interact with Creation.

(Some aspects of Spirit are: Compassion, Love, Light, Truth, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Unity, and Bliss.)

That we assist in the positive evolution of Humanity.

The Shaolin Method for personal growth:

  1. A personal commitment
  2. Self-examination/Personality Purification
  3. The Seven Human Abilities
  4. The 5 Perfections

1) A personal commitment to the goals of the Shaolin Tradition and its methods of achieving these goals must become a primary concern.

2) Self-examination/Personality Purification. 

Self-examination is required to expose yourself to yourself.
Self-purification is a prerequisite to perceiving Truth and Reality.
One must match one’s aspects of personality, to the aspects of Spirit in order to perceive and experience Truth and Spirit (Spirit is Reality).
In this step, one is expected to monitor one’s self for rationalizations, denials, delusions, illusions, transferences, etc., and eliminate them.
One must become completely non-violent, truthful, non-stealing, and non-possessive, and not do anything that will overly reduce energy levels.
Narcissism, ignorance, and fear must be completely eliminated. 
When one's limitations are exposed to one's self and identified, then through an act of will and continued monitoring of one’s thoughts and behaviors, one can make the changes required to eliminate those limitations.
We can efficiently develop the Seven Human Abilities and manifest the 5 Perfections through self-examination/personality purification.

3) The Seven Human Abilities:

  1. Will
  2. Memory
  3. Intuition
  4. Discernment
  5. Objectivity
  6. Concentration
  7. Self Confidence

Aspects of these abilities can be developed through the process self-examination/purification.

Additional development of these abilities can be accomplished through the practice of meditation and psycho-physical exercises (chi-kung/ pranayama, forms training).

Once some development of these abilities is accomplished, one can begin to manifest each of the Five Perfections.

4) 5 Perfections of the Shaolin Tradition:

  1. Compassion - Charity
  2. Love – Morality
  3. Determination – Patience
  4. Discipline – Effort
  5. Meditation - Enlightenment 

These 5 Perfections are developed through the practice of each one and with the application of absolute resolve and sustained effort.
It is taught that perfection of the first virtue in each pair develops the second virtue in the pair; and that the development of any pair enhances the potential of development of the rest.
The purpose is to eliminate stress and human suffering, interact more efficiently with the situations and circumstances of life, and develop an awareness and experience of Spirit. (Love, Light, Compassion,Truth, Wisdom, Joy, Peace, Bliss)


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