Courses Offered at the Shaolin Temple


Meditation is the key to self-knowledge and self-realization. We teach sitting meditation, prayer, and healing methods.

Yue Chia:

Yue Chia is a Northern Kung-fu form that evolved from and does include the classic Shaolin Tradition.

Tai Chi:

We present Yang Style Tai-Chi Chuan, and Tai-Chi Chi Kong, Note: The Shaolin Temple does present the Yang Style classic long form and the Tai Chi art in all its aspects. Tai Chi forms taught and trained Yang Style:  108, the 88, Staff (Kon) Form, Double Edge Sword Form, and Broad Sword Form.

Shorin Ryu:

Shorin Ryu is the Shaolin Crane System that evolved into the Okinawan, Japanese, and Korean karate styles.


The yoga classes are Kriya-Kundalini Yoga with a Hatha Yoga format. The postures focus on each of the 7 chakras, accompanied by verbal positive affirmations and meditation.

Black Belt Class:

The Black Belt class is designed to help better prepare the student for successful completion of the requirements for the rank of Black Belt. Although the student will still advance through each rank as required, the Black Belt class provides additional training and focus through the interactive instruction of Sifu Smith. Registration for the Black Belt class includes all programs offered at Shaolin except the Monk Program. 

Monk Program:

The Monk Program is open to those students who wish to make a more meaningful commitment to the development of spiritual awareness, the perpetuation of the Shaolin Tradition, and provide proactive assistance in the positive evolution of humanity. 


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