Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable and relaxed training environment where you can enjoy your practice. It is important that a mutual respect and honoring of each person is consistently practiced. Please take a few moments and read through the following rules so that you become familiar with them. 

  1. Know that Tao Chang is a place that is due great respect since it is a place where people come to further their personal growth.
  2. Everyone must be courteous, respectful, and helpful to others at all times.
  3. Senior students are responsible for enforcing the Tao Chang rules. Senior students must act in an exemplary manner.
  4. Students must maintain a clean and orderly Tao Chang.
  5. Horseplay and loud talking are forbidden.
  6. Kicking and punching the Tao Chang walls are forbidden.
  7. Eating, drinking, and gum chewing in the training area are forbidden.
  8. Shoes are to be removed at the door and set out of the doorway in or under the shoe rack.
  9. Everyone must remain fully dressed in the Tao Chang.
  10. Only the Tao Chang patch may be worn on the uniform.
  11. Students should be on time for the class they are to participate in.
  12. Students are responsible for stretching out and warming up before class begins.  
  13. While class is in progress no one will leave the line-up except for emergencies such as illness, exhaustion, etc.
  14. During the class opening and closing ceremonies, every student present will participate.
  15. Students entering and leaving the class must walk around the lineup.
  16. Students' bodies and uniforms must be kept clean. Pungent body odor is indicative of a lack of respect for self and others. Strong perfumes and aftershaves are not to be used.
  17. No one is ever to do anything that could be dangerous to one's self or anyone else.  
  18. It is necessary that everyone use a complete set of adequate protectors to avoid injury during partner practice.
  19. Wearing jewelry while class is in progress is forbidden.
  20. Weapons practice is allowed only after regular classes.
  21. All students must keep their fingernails and toenails trimmed short to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  22. Students should pay constant attention to what is being taught and put as much effort as possible into what is being attempted.
  23. Unnecessary talking during class is forbidden. Comments, and most questions, should be delayed until after class.
  24. Students must know that Koei Kan Ken Do Gaku was originated as a study. Its goal is for its practitioners to obtain the highest level of human maturity possible through the study. To achieve this end, practitioners must overcome many difficulties to realize their greater self. Practitioners must become strong enough to rely on their own good judgment and develop the discipline required so as to not get lost in the ways of the world or one's own selfishness. 


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